About us

ACI Polyurethanes, Inc. (DBA-Alpha Centurion)  was founded in the mid70's by the late Alfred Dean William "Bill" Hubbard.   As an Engineering Consultant in the chemical industry, he has seen the potential of widely versatile chemicals and put it into good use later developing a company that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of polyurethane raw material.  Soon after, Alpha Centurion became a growing company in  Los Angeles County. 

In 1981, the company was joined by dedicated and talented people whose combined efforts helped the company multiply sales revenues making Alpha Centurion known to companies all over America.

Today,  Alpha Centurion, now known as ACI Polyurethanes, Inc., is owned and managed by two of the pioneers in the industry - Luis Flores (President and Technical Director) and Victor Paredes (Vice President and Chief Financial Officer).  Together,  they made ACI Polyurethanes one of the major suppliers  of "system-blended" and "raw" polyurethane chemicals.  Their years of experience and product knowledge is a key factor to giving excellent service and quality materials at unbeatable prices to businesses in the same industry.